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In 1912 James Robison and his wife purchased a piece of the property know as Sheldrake Point from Mr. and Mrs. Everett. At that time there was a small house on the property which Mr. and Mrs. Robison had removed. In 1912 they began construction on the new home, a beautiful 3 story stucco house. The family lived in Ithaca and used the home for summer and weekend getaways. In 1942 the cost of living increased and the Robinsons found it necessary to rent out rooms to invited guests, most of these guests were doctors from the Sampson Air Base.

At this time Mrs. Robinson called the establishment “Robindale”. Then, in 1946 Mrs. Robinson’s daughter Emily, and her husband Earl Brust bought the home and changed the name to the Driftwood Inn. The Inn consisted of 3 rooms, all sharing the same bathroom with a fourth room used as an overflow room. In the early years, Mrs. Brust served all 3 meals and offered dinners to outside guests. As the years passed, and other means for guests to eat out became available she only offered breakfast to the guests staying at the Inn. Then, in 1993 Mrs. Brust’s granddaughter Tammy, and her husband Jim, bought the Inn. Tammy and Jim decided to call the Inn a Bed and Breakfast and remodeled the home so each room would have its own private bathroom. They are proud that they can continue the tradition of the Inn and look forward to meeting so many interesting people from around the world. Driftwood is truly a place you will fall in love with and will want to return again and again.

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